PHONE: +34 670353847


WEIGHT: 50 Kg  

HAIR: Blonde and long hair.

EYES: Green

VOICE: Soprano



SHOW                                                         ROLE                         THEATRE                      DIRECTOR


The house of Bernarda Alba (2006)      Adela                Tyl-Tyl (Madrid)                     Daniel Castillo

Romeo and Juliet (2008)                        Juliet                 Tyl-Tyl (Madrid)                    Daniel Castillo

The glass menagerie (2009)                 Laura               Bellas Artes (Madrid)                Pury Martin

The Tempest (2009)                            Miranda                 Teveo (Zamora)                      Pury Martin

Cajas (2011-2012)                               Laura                 Tyl-Tyl (Madrid)                    Nerea Lovecchio

Hansel and Gretel (2011-2012)          Gretel (Musical Theatre) Tyl-Tyl                            Daniel Castillo

Pulgarcito (2012-2013)                     Pulgarcita (Musical Theatre)   Tyl-Tyl                    Daniel Castillo

¿Quién mató a mi cuñado?”                Novia                Microteatro por dinero                Jesús Checa

FILM                                            ROLE                                DIRECTOR

Chrysalides (2006)                 Laura                             Daniel Castillo

Affection (2011)                       María                              Dylan Sky Levine

SHORT FILM                         ROLE                                 DIRECTOR

Virgen (2009)                        Adela                             Azzurra De Gregorio

E.G.O (2011)                        Elena                              Nebrija University

Change (2012)                   Catalina                           Dylan Sky Levine

TV SHOW                                         ROLE                                DIRECTOR

La pecera de Eva (2009-2010)    Julia                            Globomedia producciones

COMERCIALS                          ROLE                                    TELEVISION

Pascual milk (2009)              young girl                           National Spanish television

Corporate video (2012)         Mónica                           Doble M. Audiovisuales (Madrid)

FESTIVAL                                                                   ROLE                                COMPANY

International Latin Festival (NYC-2011)          Assistant Manager              TeatroStageFest



Tyl-Tyl’s School. 1993- 2008 (Spain, Madrid)à Theater, music and dance.

Carmen Senra’s School. 1996-2000 (Spain, Madrid)à Dance

Film’s school, screen acting with Eduardo Millewich. Summer 2007 (Spain, Madrid)

Corazza’s school. Summer 2008 (Spain, Madrid)à Theater

Mar Navarro’s School. Spring 2009 (Spain, Madrid)à Physical theater.

Nebrija’s University. 2008- 2012 (Spain, Madrid)à Performing Arts with an Honor Mention.

Hunter College. 2010- 2011 (New York, Exchange student)à Musical theater (Brian Hurley), Contemporary dance (Megan Boyd), acting (Michael Rutenberg and Barbara Bosch) and playwriting (Michael Rutenberg).

HB Studio, Speech I. January- March 2011 (New York, spring semester 2011)

Pearl Studio, Scene Study. January- March 2011 (New York, intensive course, 2011)

T.Schrieber Studio, On- camera acting, acting technique and vocal production (New York, Summer 2012)

Intensive course with casting directors: Álvaro Haro y Andrés Cuenca and with the director: José Luís García Berlanga.

2013: Ballroom dance (Pasodoble, salsa, milonga, tango argentino)


Acting Since I was 3 years old. Main professors:  Daniel Castillo, Pury Martin, Mar Navarro, Jose Olmo, Michael Rutenberg, and Barbara Bosch.

Voice (10 years): Laura Liss, Fernando Hernandez, Brian Hurley, Judith Jablonka and Page Clements.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Sports: Gym Sports, Running, Swimming and ridding bicycle, yoga, licence personal trainer.